TrendSend for Church Organizations

An easy way to collect the key stats of your churches

TrendSend was originally developed for a UMC Conference

The goal was to make it real easy on the churches.

We didn't want to be a huge pest or make it a laborious task for them. So we created a system that made it simple for them to file their key stats weekly - stats like attendance, members, baptisms. Every Monday an email would go out asking for the past week's numbers.
The idea took off.

It can work for you too!

Here's how it works

Step 1: Email your churches weekly

People get emailed

Step 2: The churches enters their numbers

Create simple forms

Step 3: Everyone can view the reports

The report dashboard is fed

Step 4: Optionally, create a community to share best practices

Create a community

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Use cases

  • Collect church stats weekly
  • Track new church starts
  • Track campus ministries
  • What ideas do you have?

Organizational benefits

  • Discover issues quickly and react faster
  • Performance standards and benchmarks
  • Common measurements of ministry
  • Share best practices and knowledge
  • See church and pastoral performance
  • Evaluate new appointments early

Church benefits

  • Share stories and successes
  • Learn best practices from others
  • Peer to peer support and sharing
  • Easy to use and understand