TrendSend automates the collection of key performance metrics, delivers real-time trend reports and allows organizations to share best practices.

Customized, flexible and timely delivered straight to your desktop. Bingo.
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Here's how it works...

build itBuild it

build your questions Identify key metrics Registrations, revenue, engagement -- whatever works for you. No IT department. Up and running in minutes.

schedule itSchedule it

set the recurring filing email We simplify data collection Dashboards are everywhere but how do you get the data? With our recurring email they just click a link.

analyze itAnalyze it

watch your dashboard Dive into the numbers Spot problems sooner. Eliminate guesswork. Know "what’s going on." Jump on your successes.

discuss itDiscuss it

share insights Get your people talking Share ideas in a community. Build a knowledge base of tips and articles. Learn from your leaders.

It's revealing

The TrendSend dashboard reveals trends in your data and gives you a real-time, bird’s-eye view of your organization.

It is revealing

Data collection simplified

Your people are prompted to report numbers through daily, weekly, or monthly email reminders.


Use your metrics

Create your report form with the metrics you want. No IT department. Up and running in minutes.

your metrics

Get your people talking

Understand the stories behind the numbers, share insights, and cultivate a collaborative work culture aimed at improvement. Build a knowledge base and post helpful tips and articles. Create a discussion area and encourage staff to share insights. Post timely announcements or momentum-building messages.

share ideas